New Hall - 18th century Tea Bowl and Saucer - For Sale

New Hall - 18th century Tea Bowl and Saucer
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Up until about four centuries ago, most artistic objects made in Asia were sold in local or regional markets. But when Europeans became frequent visitors to China and the East, manufacturers there began making what is now called “export ware.”

“Export ware consists of anything made for a foreign rather than a local market,” The term almost always refers to decorative objects made in Islamic countries or in Vietnam, Japan and China, for export to the West.

Eastern manufacturers began making export wares in the 17th century. They did so because Westerners realized manufacturers in these countries could make decorative wares far more cheaply than those in the West. “Buyers decided what they wanted made in those countries,” James explains. There’s a story about a particular sample porcelain set that a European buyer asked the Chinese to duplicate. One of the sample’s pieces had a nick in it, and the Chinese manufacturer incorporated the same nick into each one of the export-ware sets.

Sometimes buyers asked manufacturers of export wares to make exact duplicates of local pieces. Sometimes they asked makers to mix Eastern and Western styles. Other times they asked for pure fancy — a product of what Westerners imagined Eastern goods should look like. With porcelain, for instance, export wares often consisted of Western shapes decorated with Chinese designs.

This is a lovely early 18th century Tea Bowl and saucer, the bowl is 2 inches tall by 3.50 diameter and the bowl is saucer is 5.50 inches diameter and 1.25 inches deep. This is with the little signs of use but over all in a good unrepaired condition.

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