Foxcroft Cole “Street in France” Original Etching in Sepia - For Sale

Foxcroft Cole “Street in France” Original Etching in Sepia
Price: $100.00
As an original etcher, Joseph Foxcroft Cole was much influenced by the etched art of Charles Jacques and other great Barbizon landscape masters. Along with William Morris Hunt, John Foxcroft Cole was most influential in promoting Barbizon art in America. It was French Barbizon art, in fact, which provided a major catalyst for the great American landscape movements of the nineteenth century, such as the Hudson River School.

“A Village Street in France” is a fine, original example of the nineteenth century landscape art created by the American artist, Joseph Foxcroft Cole. It is printed upon fine hand made, laid paper and with full margins as published by the “American Art Review” in 1880 and is signed in the plate by the artist. The etched work measures 9.50 X 7.50 inches in good condition on soft beige paper.

Size: Sheet size is approximately 8 ½ x 12”. It is very difficult to find.

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