Frank Brangwyn “Across the Scheldt Antwerp” Limited Edition Woodcut Engraving - For Sale

Frank Brangwyn “Across the Scheldt Antwerp” Limited Edition Woodcut Engraving
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Here we have one wood engravings by Frank Brangwyn Limited Edition Woodcut Engraving is one of several published in the series of works “Belgium,” 1916 of a limited edition of 200, total for Europe and the United states. Each conceived by Brangwyn and engraved by two professional engravers UNDER the artist direction and approval, a practice dating back to Durer and other artists. These are all printed on fine quality wove paper and measure 9 by 12 inches and the image measures 5 by 7 inches with the title below each image. These are from the limited edition and NOT individually number or signed. All are in good condition.

Sir Frank William Brangwyn (May 12, 1867—June 11, 1956) was an Anglo-Welsh artist, painter, water colorist, virtuoso engraver and illustrator, and progressive designer.

He was born in Bruges, Belgium, where his father had moved after winning a competition organized by the Belgian Guild of St Thomas and St Luke to design a parish church. His forenames were registered as Guillaume François. In 1874 the family moved back to England. He married Lucy Ray in 1896. She died childless in 1924. [He leased Temple Lodge, 51 Queen Street, Hammersmith from 1900 to 1937/38 and bought The Jointure, Ditchling, Sussex in 1918. He was knighted in 1941. He died on 11 June 1956 at his home in Sussex.

Brangwyn was an artistic jack-of-all-trades As well as paintings and drawings , he produced designs for stained glass, furniture, ceramics, table glassware, buildings and interiors, was a lithographer and woodcutter and was an illustrator of books. In 1952 Clifford Musgrave estimated that Brangwyn had produced over 12,000 works. Brangwyn's mural commissions would cover over 22,000 sq ft (2,000 m2) of canvas, he painted over 1,000 oils, over 660 mixed media works (watercolors, gouache), over 500 etchings, about 400 wood engravings and woodcuts, 280 lithographs, 40 architectural and interior designs, 230 designs for furniture, and 20 stained glass panels and windows.

Towards the end of his life, Brangwyn donated many of his own and other artworks to museums and galleries of Britain and Europe. In 1944, he recovered and secured designs by Frederic Shields for the Chapel of the Ascension built by Herbert Horne which was destroyed in 1940 during the London Blitz. In 1950 one of his last works was to provide the illustrations for Sixty Years of Yachts by Herbert Julyan, a good friend.

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