Rare Hendrik Goltzius Tempore Fi numeran prompte stipendia Etched-Engraving - For Sale

Rare Hendrik Goltzius Tempore Fi numeran prompte stipendia Etched-Engraving
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Rare Hendrik Goltzius "Tempore Fi numeran prompte stipendia" Etched-Engraving

Hendrik Goltzius “Tempore Fi numeran prompte stipendia certo Fmpauidos animos Martia turba capit” Plate 10 Circa 155-1563, Engraving. This is an original antique print of the Shepherd and his flock, Concieved by Goltzius (Invent) and Jacob de Gheyn II (sculp and Publisher ) and STUDENT of Goltizius.

One of two engraving works from a series of twelve plates, "Offiziere und Soldaten", after Goltzius, 1587.

This antique copper engraving was printed in 17th Century and is good condition , trimmed to the borderline and on early laid paper condition. The engraved work measures 6 by 12.25 inches, plus lettering at the foot of the sheet. The framed size 15 by 17.50 inches.

Retail at $ 2,000-3,500.00 each.

Bibliographic reference

New Hollstein 185.I (The De Gheyn family)

Bartsch III.121.10


Craddock and Barnard, London

Palm Beach Collection, FL

An impression can be seen at:


Hendrik Goltzius (January or February 1558 — January 1, 1617, Haarlem), was a Dutch printmaker, draftsman, and painter. He was the leading Dutch engraver of the early Baroque period, or Northern Mannerism, noted for his sophisticated technique and the “exuberance” of his compositions. According to A. Hyatt Mayor, Goltzius “was the last professional engraver who drew with the authority of a good painter and the last who invented many pictures for others to copy”. In middle age he also began to produce paintings.

Hollstein credits 388 prints to him, with a further 574 by other printmakers after his designs.

In his command of the burin Goltzius is said to rival that of Dürer‘s. He made engravings ofBartholomeus Spranger‘s paintings, thus increasing the fame of the latter - and his own. Goltzius began painting at the age of forty-two; some of his paintings can be found in Vienna. He also executed a few chiaroscuro woodcuts. He was the stepfather of engraver Jacob Matham.

The Engraver Jacob de Gheyn II (also Jacques de Gheyn II) (c. 1565, Antwerp – March 29, 1629, The Hague) was a Dutch painter and engraver, whose work shows the transition from Northern Mannerism to Dutch realism over the course of his career.

De Gheyn received his first training from his father, Jacob de Gheyn I, a glass painter, engraver, and draftsman. In 1585, he moved to Haarlem, and studied under Hendrik Goltzius for the next five years. He moved again to Leiden in the middle of the 1590s. His work attracted the attention of wealthy sponsors, and his first commission was for an engraving of the Siege of Geertruidenberg from Maurice of Nassau, Prince of Orange. This event from March 27th to June 24th 1593, had been more of a demonstration of power by Prince Maurits, rather than an actual war, and had even attracted tourists. As a publicity stunt, the siege and its subsequent engraving were successful in propagating an image of Prince Maurits as an able general.

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