Museum quality Francisco Masseria Oil Painting of Child - For Sale

Museum quality Francisco Masseria Oil Painting of Child
Price: $2495.00
Here's your chance to own a beautiful Francisco Masseria oil painting . . .

For Masseria collectors, this painting is Francisco Masseria at his most wonderful. A beautiful child with brown hair surrounded by the kaleidoscope of brilliant flower-like colors that are Masseria’s trademark.

This is a rare opportunity to own an original artwork by Masseria, who is well-known worldwide.

Signed at bottom and on the back. Image size is 18x20 inches. No frame is included.

About the artist (from WorthPoint):

Francisco J.J.C. Masseria was born in Parana, Argentina , on April 7, 1926. He began to draw at an early age and at 14 won his first gold medal in the “Salon Annuale De Entre Rios.” In the years to follow, this self-taught artist crisscrossed the Americas with a series of successful exhibitions that established him as a serious artist with a devoted following. Perhaps the turning point in his career was his decision to move to Europe where, for the first time, he could observe at firsthand the fascinating world of the Spanish and Italian Rennaisance masters. He studied the delicate brushwork of Raffaelo, Masaccio, Velasquez and the etal expression of Fra Angelico's Madonnas.
The result was the emergence of a complex and unique painting style.

Masseria does not use models for his paintings. His subjects are the product of his imagination, of his idealized perception of children and the deeply felt religious mysticism that guides his brush. The absorbing expressions of his children are not planned but are the result of a purely spontaneous emotional process that matures as the painting progresses.

Masseria was catapulted into international fame when one of the most prestigious English porcelain companies — Royal Doulton — did a series of six plates, with originals done for this series only.

(Additional information from Heritage Auctions):

Francisco J.J.C. Masseria emigrated from Italy to Buenos Aires some time before the 1960s and quickly established a following for his Realist portraiture. His preferred subjects were Argentine children, often dressed in vibrant festival costumes, offset by dark backgrounds. Masseria was forced to go into hiding after being placed on the anti-Perónista list, and he began signing his paintings "I. Devini." The majority of his paintings remain in private collections . . .

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