Lionel Multivolt Toy Train Transformer K - For Sale

Lionel Multivolt Toy Train Transformer K
Price: $60.00
This is a great antique that is at least 75 years old. The Lionel Multivolt Toy Transformer K can be used on an alternating current only (what the heck does that mean...I don't know, but it sounds scarey!). This is a very old and hard to find transformer as I understand it.

It can be used from 2 to 25 volts and can obtain the same (Hey I'm just reading the from the plate on the transformer)

The wiring and plug are frayed and broken, but can be easily fixed

Lionel Corporation was an American toy manufacturer and retailer that did business from 1900 to 1993. Founded as an electrical novelties company, Lionel specialized in various products throughout its existence, but toy trains and model railroads were its main claim to fame. Lionel trains, produced from 1901 to 1969, drew admiration from model railroaders around the world for the solidity of their construction and the authenticity of their detail. During its peak years, in the 1950s, the company sold $25 million worth of trains per year. In 2006, Lionel's electric train, along with the Easy Bake Oven, became the first two electric toys to be inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame. They ran a television advertisement in the mid 1980's with a very well known and remembered theme "Lionel Kiddy City, turn that frown {clap-clap} upside-down."

Lionel remains the most enduring brand name associated with model trains in the United States, its products prized by collectors. Lionel, LLC now owns all of the trademarks and most of the product rights associated with Lionel Corporation; there is, however, no direct connection between the two companies.

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