Fenton, Holly, Blue Hat Vase, Nice Iridescence - For Sale

Fenton, Holly, Blue Hat Vase, Nice Iridescence
Price: $60.00
For sale is a very nice piece of Carnival Glass made by The Fenton Glass Company of Williamstown, West Virginia. The Pattern is "Holly" and the shape is known as a hat or small vase. The Hat stands approximately 3 5/16" tall and is 5 7/8" in diameter at the widest part of the ruffle.

The Vase or Hat depicts a pattern of embossed sprigs of holly berries set upon branches of holly leaves. They all climb from the interior center of the Vase which is plain. The exterior is plain as there is no pattern. The bowl is Blue with very Vibrant iridescence. The colors are bright and you can see brilliant Fuchsias, Greens and Blues on the interior and exterior of the piece.

The Hat is considered to be in excellent condition as there are no cracks, nicks, chips or dings. There are some straw marks in the center of the Vase which is a common occurance with carnival glass and does not detract from the value or beauty. The piece is unsigned as is true with this early pattern. Those Collector's of Blue and Fenton and want an excellent example in both form and Iridescence will be extremely pleased with their purchase.

This piece is early as it was made Circa 1911-1915.

Antique Glass
Antique Carnival Glass
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