Steuben, Pomona Green and Topaz Optic Ribbed Fan Vase - For Sale

Steuben, Pomona Green and Topaz Optic Ribbed Fan Vase
Price: $495.00
For Auction is a wonderful piece of Art Glass blown by The Steuben Glass Company of Corning, New York. The item is an Optic Ribbed Fan Vase. The Vase has a nice wide opening to receive several flowers at one time. The Vase is blown in Frederick Carder's very desirable Pomona Green and Topaz Art Glass. The Vase is a nice size as it stands 8 1/4" tall and is 7" wide and 1 1/16" deep. The foot has a diameter of 3 13/16".

The Vase displays a very beautiful Green Optic Ribbed Pattern in a Fan Shape that is superb! The Fan Vase is attached to a round Topaz or Amber colored foot. It starts round at the bottom and has 3 round applied knuckles meeting the Green Fan Vase above. These 2 pieces of glass are fused together forming one piece. This piece is actually made in three stages. The first is the round foot is blown. Then the amber knuckle stem is applied and fused to the foot. The last piece the Fan vase is attached to the stem forming one piece. These were difficult pieces to blow and shows Frederick Carder ability to mix colors together and have them be compatible without breaking.

The Vase is considered to be in very good to excellent condition as there are no cracks, nicks, chips or dings. There are some minor scratches along the underside bottom and is consistent with age wear. There is also an inclusion on the inside middle of the Pontil and it is a strand of Glass that is very thin. This can be felt when touched. The Vase has a countersunk Polished Pontil. The sign of quality Art Glass. The piece is Signed with Steuben's Acid Etched Stamped "Fleur de Lis" Mark with "Steuben" inside the Polished Pontil. You can see remnants of the Pontil Scar underneath the signature.

This a very nice example and I'm quite sure the buyer will be quite pleased with their purchase. This is known as shape number 6287 in the Steuben Catalog pages. Steuben made this vase in 3 sizes. This is the middle size as it is 7" across the top. There was a smaller 5" and a larger 9" also made at Steuben. This piece was made during the Frederick Carder Years, Circa 1915-1932.

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