Tiffany Studios, Zodiac Blotter Ends Gold (Dore') Patina - For Sale

Tiffany Studios, Zodiac Blotter Ends Gold (Dore') Patina
Price: $395.00
For sale is a Desk Set Item made by Tiffany Studios, New York. The Item for Sale is a pair of "Blotter Ends" and it is done in Tiffany's "Zodiac" Desk Set Pattern. The Blotter Ends measures 19 1/4" long and is 2". They are low profile as they only stand 1/2" tall.

The Blotter Ends have the very desirable Acid Etched Gold (Dore') small flake Patina. This is one of the most Popular Patinas in this Desk Set Pattern. This Desk set Item displays the 12 different zodiac signs on each blotter end as each one has 6 on each blotter end. These Blotters ends are quite heavy as they are solid brass with a patina.

These Blotter Ends are considered to be in excellent condition as there are no dents, or dings. These 2 pieces show minimal signs of wear from use. The Gold Patina on the underside is much brighter than the top side. They have naturally darkened over time and shows they age. When they were made they looked more like the underside in color. The Blotter ends are both signed on the bottom with "Tiffany Studios New York" Impressed Mark along with the Pattern Number 988 for the Blotter Ends Number in this desk set. There is also an illegible number scratched just below one of the impressed numbers. This was more than likely an order number.

Tiffany started using a 3 digit number for his Fancy Desk Set goods after 1902 subsequently these was made early circa 1902-1910. This is a quality item in the Tiffany Desk Set Items. I'm Sure the Lucky Buyer will be delighted with their purchase

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