1870's German One Horse Open Sleigh - For Sale

1870's German One Horse Open Sleigh
Price: $3500.00
This sleigh came to Texas from Eastern Germany (Diensteolt, near Jena) via the west coast making its way to McMillan's Antiques in Abilene, Texas. Fabricated of oak and pine, this stylish version has thin ironwork knees and a graceful ironwork suspension. Decorative eagle heads are thought to be a part of a family crest. Restored by Earle McMillan as one of his last projects, he spared no expense. Arriving in near perfect condition very little woodworking was needed and once paints were matched and applied, a well renowned Texas pinstriper recreated its original styling. The upholstery was recreated by an individual known for his experience and attention to detail.

The sleigh came into the hands of the Eastland County Museum around 2005 and has been on exhibit since. The upholstery has faded due to sunlight exposure through large windows in the museum. The new board of directors for the museum (a Texas non profit organization) determined the piece has no local historic value and have an urgent need to liquidate the piece for emergency roof repair funds.

The photos here show the piece before and after McMillan's restoration. For more information please contact Terry Simmons with the Eastland County Museum at 254-631-6894, eastlandcountymuseum@yahoo.com. The purchaser is responsible for pickup or any and all shipping needs and costs.

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Eastland County Musuem
PO Box 1546
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Email : eastlandcountymuseum@yahoo.com
Phone : 254-631-0437
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