Gorgeous R S Prussia 6 Petal Plate 19th Century 8.5 - For Sale

Gorgeous R S Prussia 6 Petal Plate 19th Century 8.5
Price: $224.00
Beautiful antique plate from the renown potters at R. S. Prussia crafted in the late 19th century. This work of art displays a 6 petal flower design finely trimmed in gold surrounding a center of intricate roses, lilies and daisies hand-painted in beautiful pinks, peaches, and whites. A fabulous piece for any collector of R. S. Prussia. The item shows VERY minor wear to the raised green areas (see third photo).
Maker: R. S. Prussia
Origin: Germany
Age: Late 19th cen.
Condition: Very Good
Dimensions: 8.5" Diameter

R. S. Prussia History
"The "RS" in RS Prussia is derived from its founder, Reinhold Schlegelmilch. While his factory enjoyed limited success, it was the work of his two sons, Arnold and Ehrhard that would make the mark bearing his initials famous. While Ehrhard continued to operate the factory in Suhl, Arnold went on to found a second factory in nearby Tillowitz. These two operations produced the majority of their products for export beginning in 1892 up until the beginning of World War I. During this period, most of the pieces exported to the United States bore the mark described above, with Prussia in red beneath. In 1910, the Tillowitz factory began using the all-green "RS Germany" mark, and miraculously continued producing fine China through the Second World War. The original factory in Suhl closed down before the First World War ended."

"RS Prussia" porcelain is known both for the complexity of its molds and for the beauty of the patterns, most of which were applied using floral transfers. Many of the pieces also bear some degree of hand decoration, such as gold gilding or embellishments like thick enameling to give the floral prints texture. The variety of glazes applied at the RS factory is also significant. Depending on the particular finishing materials used, RS pieces may bear a glossy, iridescent, luster or matte surface appearance."

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