Noveltex Egyptian Cotton 1925 - For Sale

Noveltex Egyptian Cotton 1925
Price: $275.00
19,5 x 25,5
Egyptian cotton has always had an allure all its own - and clearly, if the image from this Art Deco period vintage poster is to be believed, the fact that Noveltex had its own brand was reason enough to hire a drummer to make that announcement. In an unusually vibrant magenta tone, the drummer's image is accompanied by text which indicates that the shirts made by Noveltex have great colors, can be used for unifroms and is made of Popeline Cotton from Egypt. The company still exists (it's website states that NOVELTEX, INC. IS A MAJOR CONVERTER OF ECO-FRIENDLY LINEN WITH A HUGE STOCK OF SOLIDS COLORS AND PRINTS SUITABLE FOR APPAREL & HOME FURNISHING. WE ALSO OFFER YARNDYES, BURNOUT, IRRIDESCENT, COTTON LINEN, RAYON LINEN, POPLIN, LINEN MESH, PUCKER &....) so clearly, these shirts and the company that backed them made the cut. Measuring 19.5 x 25.5 inches, the poster is linen backed and in A- condition (it was, at one point folded) Paper, linen backing.

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