Parisiana (T'en Auras) 1903 - For Sale

Parisiana (T'en Auras) 1903
Price: $1570.00
48 x 34
It's hard to imagine that DamarŽ's dimwitted platoon of Empiric generals made much of an impact in the manner of crowd control. So it's fairly safe to assume that the 'it' in the title of the 'You're Gonna get it!' revue playing at the Parisiana could only be referring to an evening of high jinks and hilarity. No biographical data for DamarŽ is available, yet he (or she) worked for the Folies Bergres, the Olympia and other top music halls for years, always coming up with humorous, attnetion-getting designs of this sort.' (Rennert) This poster, reminds me very much of a British movie made a few years ago called the Full Monty (and if it doesnt ring a bell, I suppose you'll have to Google it, You Tube it or research it some other way because you're obviously way too young...!) Poster is in excellent condition with original tax stamp* is linen-backed and measures 48 x 34 inches. *tax stamps are a good indicator that a poster is truly vintage. A tax had to be paid when the poster was 'posted' - so that the proper authorities could collect the proper taxes... reproductions generally dont take this factor into account, and so tax stamps (or fake tax stamps) dont generally appear on repros.

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