L'Enfant Prodigue c.1880 - For Sale

L'Enfant Prodigue c.1880
Price: $4750.00
Cheret, Jules
33,5 x 90
THIS IS AN ORIGINAL POSTER AND NOT A REPRODUCTION. By the 1890s the streets of every great metropolis were enlivened by large colourful posters . The poster had not only caught the fancy of the broad public, but its best examples were already being regarded as works of art (specifically, as fine prints) to be exhibited, reviewed in journals, collected and reprinted in a manageable form. In the last five years of the century, the Imprimerie Chaix was to play great part in codifying, hallowing and perpetuating the ebullient period of 'La Belle Epoque.'Ê

Art (paintings, prints, frames)
Vintage Posters
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Québec-H2Y 2T1
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