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Loterie Nationale 1900
Price: $620.00
Ferrand, Louis
15,5 x 20,5
In the past 100 years or so, the French government has put out some of the most interesting and artistic posters for the Loterie Nationale. While I wouldn't say that they are 'high art', they are not designed to be - they are supposed to appeal to what the French call Mr. & Madame Tout le Monde, what you and I would call Mr. & Mrs. Smith - uncomplicated folks who buy a lottery ticket because they don't expect to win, but they hope that maybe ... The posters are simple and sweet, like this lovely (and very early) one done by Louis Ferrand. Printed by Les Estampes de la Loterie Nationale and numbered 1035, it is entitled Le Guichet de la Loterie Nationale (roughly translates as the ticket booth of the lottery). I can find no particular information on this artist but would date this piece as having been produced within the first 20 years of 1900.

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