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Erotic cane made up of a Kappa in stag antler
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Fine cane made up of a Kappa in stag antler

end of the 19th century

Extremely rare erotic representation of Kappa holding its attributes in the hand

Sashi netsuke of the 19th century

School of Asakusa

Length of the sahsi netsuke 11 cm

Not signed

made up in cane to France

the bod in Malacca carrying a beautiful patina

very beautiful state

overall length 92 cm


Kanji used to form the word Kappa are (Ka/Kawa) "river" and (C/Warabe) "child".

Kappa, animal biped, is thus a "child of the river".

The kappa or kawatarō is described like a genius or an imp of water.

The kappas have the appearance of anthropomorphic tortoises, sometimes with a mouth in the form of (or with the appearance of) nozzle and the top of their cranium slightly is dug, surrounded by hair. This depression is filled with water, liquid from which they draw their power.

This cavity filled with water makes it possible Kappa not to decay when he ventures on the banks.

Thus, if one greets a kappa with the Japanese manner (while inclining itself), he greets you in return and loses all his water, becoming inoffensive then.

The majority of their jokes consist in being introduced into the villages to fly of food, and to look under the skirts of the women.

In his friendlier version one can persuade a kappa by offering a cucumber to him. From where the kappa maki, the maki with cucumber.

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