Egyptian 19th Dynasty Wood Shabti (Neferu) Item Number: 1121102 - For Sale

Egyptian 19th Dynasty Wood Shabti (Neferu) Item Number: 1121102
Price: $1795.00
From Egypt’s Ramesside Period, New Kingdom, 19th Dynasty, ca. 1295-1180 BC. Carved from a single piece of wood, shabti was once covered with a base coating of gesso. Thus prepared, with this undercoating in place, the body was painted white. The white color represented the mummy’s wrappings, and final bandaging. Down the front of the body runs a long panel of red where an identifying inscription was written. Here is where the owner’s name, titles, position of status, and possibly names of parents were written. Today the figure still wears a formal black tripartite wig, face and hands colored with red/ochre. Typically, Egyptians used this color for the faces of men, while women were colored with a yellow. The red coloring suggested a sun-burned skin, and the time men spent out of doors working and attending to affairs of day to day life. Women of affluence typically worked in doors, and out of the direct sun light. Standing in the Osirian pose of resurrection, with arms and hands tightly crossed are over chest. 8-1/4"H (21cm) not including the custom display stand, aside from the visible signs of age, the shabti is intact without mends or repair. Appears to have a museum de-accession number on base.

ProvenanceEx-private FL Collection, ex-Arte Primitivo

ca. 1295-1180 BC

Material Wood
Dimensions 8-1/4"H
Condition Intact

Ancient Egyptian
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