Waltham Hunter Pocket Watch Gold Plated Triple Case Moon Face - For Sale

Waltham Hunter Pocket Watch Gold Plated Triple Case Moon Face
Price: $400.00
Waltham U.S.A. triple case hunter gold plated pocket watch. excellent working, body condition. white face, roman numbers, perfect glass cover, engraving marks, reverse case : Moon Trade Mark, A.L.D. Dennison Watch Case Co 419816, (Aaron Lufkin Dennison, best known England watch case maker). engraving on Mechanic face, Marquis Waltham Mass. 15 Jewels 1191LLL1, among the two plates, indicates engraving, English Made a Guaranteed to be Made of Two Plate of Composition and the year 29 years 419816. Spectacular Enjoyment Timepiece! A Late circa 1800's had winging pocket watch.

Interior of front case: Waltham U.S.A. 479816 XX
Interior of back case: Moon Trade Mark A.L.D. Dennison Watch Case Co. 419816
Mechanic Part Information: Marquize Waltham Mass. 15 Jewels 119LLL1
Among The Plates : English Made A Guaranteed to Be Made of Two Plates of 10 ct. Gold with plate of composition between and the years 29 years 419816

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