English Officers Lobstertail Armor Helmet Circa 1600 Greenwich Armories Museum Quality - For Sale

English Officers Lobstertail Armor Helmet Circa 1600 Greenwich Armories Museum Quality
Price: $4990.00
Absolute Best Circa 1600 English Lobstertail (Zischägge ) Helmet Ever Offered On Ebay !!!

RARE...RARE...RARE...Museum Quality Attributed To Hennry VIII Greenwich Armory!!!

Greenwich armour was a distinctively English style of plate armour of the 16th and 17th centuries, produced by the Royal Armoury founded by Hennry VIII in 1525 in Greenwich. The armoury's name came from the German master armourers hired by Henry VIII. During the 16th century the armoury was traditionally headed by Germans - the most notable armourer of the Greenwich workshop was Jacob Halder, who was master of the armoury from 1576 to 1607.

You can see a similar helmet at plate CV Picture A in European Armour In The Tower Of London. This example at the Tower has replaced check pieces. There is another example featured in an article by Thom Richardson in the Arms & Armour: Journal of the Royal Armouries.

This Helmet Is A Museum Piece For Any Antique Armor, Sword Collector who only wants the best!!!

100% homogenous with the usual wear and tear you would expect from an item of this age.

Exceptionally rare opportunity to own a piece of European history for a fraction of what the European auction houses charge!!!

All my items come with a signed and dated Certificate Of Authenticity. You are buying with 100% confidence.

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Thank you for your interest.

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