A Dinka corset for young girls. Dinka Sudan - For Sale

A Dinka corset for young girls. Dinka Sudan
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A Dinka corset for young girls. Dinka Sudan
Corsets are rare examples of beautiful garments found in the Sudan region. They are made of thousands of tiny glass beads in various colors.
A corset is usually supported by strong wires at the spin. Beadwork is an expression of the creativity and is an important part of adornment traditions of the Dinka.
Corsets such as this are to count among the most valuable and costly objects.
They are used as symbol of wealth and social status. In other words, hey are indicators of gender, age, wealth, and ethnic affiliations.
In most of the cases women' corsets are decorated with cowry shells.
52 x 50 cm
The Dinka are an ethnic group inhabiting the Bahr el Ghazal region of the Nile basin, Jonglei and parts of southern Kordufan and Upper Nile regions

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