brass bronze duralumin knuckle knuckles duster collection - For Sale

brass bronze duralumin knuckle knuckles duster collection
Price: $200.00
4 knuckle dusters ,a instant collection...2 are brass 1 is bronze and 1 is duralumin all are in well used condition so if you want mint ,then these are NOT for you ! see pics for condition ! shipping with buy it now otherwise 6.00 ships any place in usa ! U.S. postal money order ships same day it is.... in all other money orders,drafts,etc... held for 2 weeks and checks for 60 days*********************************KEYWORDS...A. C. CO. Armand Koehn Knuckle Knife #7 AU LION E. W. Stone, Sr. Skull & Cobra Knife Everitt Knuckle Knife Experimental Knuckle Knife Bayonet M16 Foster Brothers Knuckle Knife Gilbert Islands Knuckle Knife H. D. & S. Indian Fighting Knives WWII L. F. & C. Messenger Knuckle Knife O. C. L. OSS Knuckle Knife Parsons Knuckle Knife Remington Knuckle Knife Richie USN CB Knuckle Knife Springfield Armory Knuckle Knife Stelzig Knuckle Knife Taylor Huff Knuckle Knife or Universal Combat knife Three Feathers Knuckle Knife Unknown or Unmarked US Knuckle Knives W. D. Wilcoxson Knuckle Knife WWII Aussie/NZ Fighting Knives ,KNUCKLE DUSTER,SAP,BLACKJACK,PENGUN,PEN GUN,OSS,SOE,CIA,MI6,JAMES BOND,007 WWII British Fighting Knives [Information added 12/1/2011 8:16:11 PM] Was emailed this info from a member... BC41 Knuckles. Those are BC41 knuckles. Cast knuckles which are closely related to the BC41 Knuckle knife. The knuckles were reputedly issued to Commando forces and it has widely speculated that BC41 stands for ' British Commando 1941 [Information added 12/6/2011 7:52:40 PM] airborne American antiques arms army artifacts assassination banned bayonets blades black powder boxing boxer brassknuckles British commandos cannon close combat concealed daggers dangerous deadly derringers dug fighting firearms gangsters guard handguns history illegal impact infantry knife knuckledusters law enforcement marines martial arts military militaria militia navy paratroopers personal pinfire pistols protection police prohibition relics revolvers rimfire self defenseEDMF Eight Dollar Mountain Foundry survival switchblades swords tactical tools torture trench USMC warfare weaponry

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