Chickering Square Grand (1857) in Rosewood - For Sale

Chickering Square Grand (1857) in Rosewood
Price: $24000.00
This historically significant, pre-Civil War instrument is being offered for sale.

This instrument was built in Boston in 1857 and represents American piano building at its apex. Chickering was the premiere American piano builder in the mid-19th century, endorsed by Liszt, Gottschalk, and Busoni. This instrument has a fortepiano-like action with soft leather hammers and soft felt dampers and produces a sweet, sustained sound. The case is rosewood veneer and features a half iron cast frame with Chickering’s distinctive 1850’s “sunburst” design, as well as the original hammers, dampers, soundboard, ivory/ebony keyboard and hardware. The original strings have survived, but have been replaced with historical/modern copies.

Dimensions: width: 70” by height: 36” by depth: 32”
Keyboard range: six octaves (F’ to f’’’’)
Damper release pedal, Moderator/Aeolian harp pedal
Pitch: a=440

This particular instrument has been featured extensively in concerts across Canada as a historical recital instrument. It was the focal point of the immensely popular 13-part Bravo/Vision television series “Come Into the Parlour”, and has accompanied such renowned Canadian artists as Russell Braun, Kimberly Barber, Mayumi Seiler, John Tessier, Carolyn Sinclair, etc. It was most recently heard in recital as part of Early Music Vancouver’s Mainstage series in a programme of Mendelssohn, Clara Schumann, and Schubert Violin Sonatas.

The instrument is in very fine condition. During the restoration of the instrument (by David Jensen, currently the Curator of Keyboard instruments at the University of Indiana at Bloomington), very little was done to disturb the existing original features. For example, under the lid retains its original French Polish from 1857. Some scratches also are evident under the lid. At some point, a flower vase left a mark on the lid. We also decided not to touch or change these details, as it is part of the instrument’s history and does not detract from the beauty of the instrument as a whole. All the keys are the original ivory and are in pristine condition. The leather on the hammers was replaced with 40-year old soft deerskin.

Pre-civil war pianos (for example, Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Foster were alive when this piano was built!) are rare, especially in this fine condition. The piano currently lives in Vancouver, BC.

This is a rare opportunity to own a significant instrument that is a part of North American piano building history.
The rosewood veneer is particularly beautiful on this instrument, especially under the fallboard, where the wood grain has been matched up with the keyboard sharps.
Before shipping, the piano will be cleaned, regulated and made ready for delivery.

The method of shipping/insurance will be the choice of the purchaser. All inherent moving/customs costs will be invoiced by the seller and borne by the purchaser. The instrument will be crated and packed professionally here in Vancouver.

For more information, or to see/hear the instrument on-line, or make an appointment to view the instrument in Vancouver, BC, Canada, please contact the seller via email :

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