Original WWI Irish Canadian Rangers Recruiting Poster, Linen-Backed - For Sale

Original WWI Irish Canadian Rangers Recruiting Poster, Linen-Backed
Price: $1850.00
Date: c. 1914
Size: 41.25 x 27.5 inches
Notes: Poster, Linen-Backed
Artist: Anonymous

About The Poster: The poster, produced by the Montreal Litho Co. during the First World War, shows a soldier waving to troops, with ships leaving the harbour. The slogan, "We go next" adressed Irish Canadian Rangers.

According to Wikipedia, "The Irish Canadian Rangers perpetuated the indirect service of the 199th Battalion Duchess of Connaught's Own Irish Rangers, CEF. Served as 1914 – 55th Irish Canadian Rangers; 1920 – The Irish Canadian Rangers; 1936 – disbanded."
During the war, posters played an important role as vectors of motivation and patriotic fervour. "The appeal of posters also lies in the use of familiar images and expressions. Graphic artists combined their skill with advertising copywriters to sway public opinion and unite people in support of the war effort. The posters’ effectiveness arises from complex designs of words and symbols to communicate, invite action and build consensus." (Source : Australian National Wartime Museum, Patriotism, Persuasion, Propaganda, American War Posters).

This poster has been mounted on linen and is in very good condition. It is found in important national collections (Library and Archives Canada, Library of Congress, U.S.A, Canadian War Museum). Please ask to see our other military posters!

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