Rare Pennsylvania Lowback Windsor Arm Chair, c. 1750-70, Period American Antique - For Sale

Rare Pennsylvania Lowback Windsor Arm Chair, c. 1750-70, Period American Antique
Price: $4675.00
This listing is for a Rare Pennsylvania Lowback Windsor Arm Chair, circa 1750-80. Historically derived from the Queen Anne Period Corner Chair, it features flattened sawed arms, each curving outward to form handholds. The arm crest at the back rests over the arms with a lap joint, separating the inner ends of the arm rail, originally screwed and pegged from the underside, screws now absent. The spindles are straight and short, forming a gallery around the seat of the chair, each tenoned through the arm rail and locked in place with a split-wedge. The D-shaped (almost certainly Poplar) seat is flawlessly formed, with a carved channel around the inside and outside of the spindles (also known as a "rain gutter"), a soft slope in the middle and cresting at the front-center. The legs join through the surface of the seat using X-split wedge joints. The underside around the edges of the seat are heavily chamfered, the underside cracking joined with butterfly dovetail joints. The turned maple ring- baluster turned legs are maple, each joining through the seat with a split-wedge locking each in place. They are heavily turned with deep voluptuous proportions, uncharacteristically heavy for Philadelphia, almost certainly a provincial interpretation of the Philadelphia design in other parts of the state. An H-form stretcher locks each leg firmly in place, carefully turned bulbous along the asymmetrical side stretchers, a thick turned medial stretcher with a bulb flanked by tight rings, flanked by balusters, flowing into a short turned shaft before very uniquely swelling again at each end of the medial stretcher - not a feature typical in Philadelphia. The finish is a very early Green paint over what appears to be the original Red painted surface - we've found no other colors beneath these layers. It is a crusty and wonderful surface with a deep worn patina in every square inch.

This is the most beautiful Windsor we've ever carried, original in every square inch of the chair, uniquely carrying it's original surface protected beneath the green paint. With strength in all joints, this chair will easily last many generations to come, treasured carefully in your home and enjoyed by your family. It is a collector grade piece, a rare find and a beautiful work of art.

Woods: Due to the painted surfaces, some of the woods we cannot positively identify; we also have not had any woods micro analyzed and are just using our eyes to identify each wood.

Arm crest, legs and stretcher: Maple (we also believe the turned arm supports are Maple, but they are covered in paint and difficult to clearly see)
Curved arms: Oak (appears to be Red Oak)
Spindles: Hickory
Seat: Appears to be Poplar

28" wide x approximately 24" total depth; 29 1/8" high (to the arms, the highest point); seat is 17 1/2" above the ground.

Visually Outstanding Condition
Original red paint below a later (but very early) green surface. Significant wear throughout. Five dovetail joints repair cracks to the seat from the underside. Screw holes beneath crest are empty; pegs are still in place. Slightly uneven leg surface, one with a tiny metal button lift.

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