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Egyptian faience Statuette of Nefertem
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An Ancient Egyptian Amulet or Nefertem. ca. 712–332 B.C. Nerfertem was the God of the primal lotus blossom and he wears a lotus flower headdress. The blue lotus, the fragrant flower of which often was used by guests of banquets, represents him.
The ancient Egyptians believed that the Sun had risen, so from a lotus was connected to the Sun God Nerfertem and is described in the pyramid texts as the ‘ lotus blossom, which is for the nose of Ra “. Sometimes he is depicted as a lion headed by as in Memphis, he was venerated as the son of Sekhmet, the goddess of the lion. Nefertem is represented striding, his left foot advanced. He wears a short kilt, a tripartite wig, an artificial beard and a composite crown consisting of a stylized lotus flower and two feathers. The arms are pendant to the body, the fists are clenched. There is a small hole for suspending in the central part of the back pillar.

H 8,6cm.

Ancient Egyptian
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