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Antique Chinese Embroidered Silk Framed Panel 18th C.
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Bring good fortune, culture and beauty into your world with this finely executed very large and rare excellently preserved 18th Century or earlier, Chinese hand embroidered silk fragment, in the manner of Southern Song (1127 - 1279) or yaun Dynasty (1271 - 1368), 13th/14th Century. This rich example of remarkable artisanship - Chinese silk painstakingly hand embroidered panel in mother of pearl inlaid master jointed rosewood frame is likely from the Zhejian Province. The excellence and detailed artistic work of this refined art includes the mythical Phoenix bird, a symbol of high virtue and grace and bringer of peace and prosperity, the sacred good luck magpie, the auspicious crane of longevity, song birds, roses representing love, nature's wisdom and good fortune prayers (top right). The condition is good - the frame joints have separated some. Circa 1700s or earlier. Dimensions: 26" X 21.5" with frame, 21" X 17" without. Strong demand for such pieces similar in quality, age, size, style and artisanship is demonstrated by recorded public sales including the sale price of $18,000 for Lot # 452 "Small Finely Embroidered Silk Panel" at Christie's New York on March 22, 2007 (see photo).

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