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Vaseline Glass, Large Scalloped Platter
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Decorative Large vaseline Scalloped shape large yellow platter, L:20" W:14.5". A history of Vaseline Glass was that primarily was made before WWII and one of the primary ingredients used to make the glass was uranium. When placed under a black light (or ultraviolet rays), vaseline glass will "glow" or fluoresce. The high energy emissions of electrons from the black light cause the uranium oxide particles in the vaseline glass to become unstable thereby causing this fluorescense. No other transparent antique glass will glow thus making vaseline glass truly unique in the antique world as it can always be verified to be true vaseline by using a black light. There is no other compound added to glass which will cause this effect except URANIUM. The yellow-green glow is characteristic of uranium-bearing glass.Vaseline Glass can be yellow, yellow-green, or green. Individual collectors each have their own preference as to the exact color of vaseline glass collected. However, as glassmakers of the 1920's - 30's added iron to their uranium oxide dyes to put a green tint into their glass,if with no trace of yellow is only a forerunner of Depression Glass rather than true Vaseline Glass. During WW11 the production of vaseline glass stopped and only in later years after there was a limited supply of uranium to glass companies in order to resume production of vaseline glass and even more recent pieces of vaseline glass are highly sought after by collectors as each is of a very limited production. is the web site where one can shop on line or if you are in the area we are an antique dealer in Summerland, California just 3 minutes south of Santa Barbara. Specializing in European Antique Furniture and our accent is antique lighting for your home, or office with handmade parchment shades adorning the selection of unique lamps. We specialize in Decorative Arts and French furniture as well as antique furniture from Spain and Italy, you will find the shop warm and inviting.

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Antique Vaseline Glass
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