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Kashmir Carpet , 9'6.5" X 12'10"
Price: $7000.00
Kashmir Carpet, 9'6.5" X 12' 10". The history of the Kashmir carpet industry is of Persian origin. However the Persian culture influenced the Kashmiri carpet for quite a long time. With the introduction of the design patterns of shawls, traditional paisley, leaves and flowers the Kashmir carpet attained a high degree of perfection and detail and although in India the origin of hand-knotted carpets can be traced back more than 2000 years, in Kashmir, however, its history begins with the intrusion of Mughals. The Kashmir carpet attained a high degree of perfection and carved out a unique place in the international market. With the carpet weaving in Kashmir in India which arrived with the Mughals. The craft flourished in Kashmir and now Kashmir has become a hub for the quality rugs. The patterns are influenced by the Persian style with Indian version. One typically Kashmiri Indian pattern is the tree of life. It is the color of the carpet that helps distinguish it from others. The colors of Kashmiri carpets are more subtle and muted. The yarn is dye using vegetable colors. The yarn is either silk, wool or a combination of the two. Wool pile is more common. Woolen carpets always have a cotton base but silk carpets may have a cotton or silk base, though silk is used in the woolen carpets for highlights. Just like Persian carpets, the knotting determines the durability. Other quality aspects include color and design.The kashmiri carpets can be double knotted and single knotted. The single knotted pile is fluffier than the double knotted. The pile of the double knotted carpet is less resistant to touch and pressure, this particular carpet is of good color and condition.

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