L. 19th Century Leather Cordite Case - For Sale

L. 19th Century Leather Cordite Case
Price: $1200.00
Late 19th Century to Early 20th Century Leather Cordite Case, this bucket maintains the slight image of the Regiments Coat of Arms and the leather is worn around the top, the lining and handle are in tack, and is missing the original lid. H:16" Diameter: 7.5" The coat of arms are on the leather case which is a Late 19th C. to Early 20th Century Cordite Case, however they are missing the original lid, a functional item used for Early Military use. Historically, in Great Britain, Cordite was developed for military use at the Royal Arsenal, Woolwich and at the Waltham Abbey Royal Gunpowder Mills, from 1889 onwards. Cordite is a product of smokeless propellants made by combining two high explosives: nitrocellulose and nitroglycerin, it is a double-base propellant. Cordite is classified as an explosive, but it is normally used as a propellant for guns and rockets. Cordite was developed in Great Britain in the late 19th Century and has been used since World War I by Britain, and in British Commonwealth countries, as a military propellant for firearms, artillery and naval guns. In World War I, a great Cordite factory, HM Factory, Gretna, which straddled the Scotland / England border at Gretna to manufacture Cordite for the British Army and for British Commonwealth forces. A separate factory, The Royal Navy Cordite Factory, Holton Heath, was opened to manufacture Cordite for the Royal Navy. Both the Gretna and the Holton Heath Cordite factories closed at the end of World War I. Thus this is an collectible item for any Military Collector for his home. Located in the heart of Summerland, California, Lifestyle Antiques & Interiors offers the finest high-end Antiques, Decorative Arts, and Home Furnishings on the South Coast. We feature a rich collection from Europe, specializing in Italian Furniture, French and Spanish. The elegant collection varies from antique and Murano lamps, decorative pillows, Chandeliers, Mirrors and a fine selection of home furnishings. Just 3 minutes south of Santa Barbara. For your convenience you may shop on line: www.lifestyleantiques.com .

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