19th C. Hand Colored Botanical Print in Gilt Frame - For Sale

19th C. Hand Colored Botanical Print in Gilt Frame
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This is an exceptional Early Botanical Hand Colored Print, Legerstroemia Regia, Peint d'apres nature par Madame Berthe Hoods van Nooten, a Batavia Chronolith, par G. Severeyns Lith. De L'Acad.Rpy. de Belgique. H:29" W:22.5" (incl. frame). The age of exploration also marks the beginning of gardening as a passion throughout Europe. The concept of making prints from metal plates originated in Germany and Italy. Copper engraving, and later copper etching, allowed artists to create a line as fine as the most delicate part of any plant or flower. A copper engraving is produced by incising a line with a sharp tool directly onto a polished copper surface. An etching differs in that a line is actually etched into the plate by acid. In both instances recessed or cut areas become the recipient of the ink. That, along with the invention of movable type, necessitated separating picture from text. This combination and interest facilitated the making pictures that could stand on their own as works of art. It was not until the beginning of the 19th century that these paths finally merged and truly great art resulted from a hybrid movement of science and art. At the same time in France, court patronage of flower painting was initiated by Marie de Medicis, bringing from Florence the tradition of providing patronage for natural history art and science. This interest and exploration of Botanical art and the science of botany were simultaneously experiencing a history of genius in the early 18th century. The 18th and first half of the 19th centuries are the Golden Age of Botanical Art. These early artists of the 18th and 19th Century have made an indelible impression on our culture and the significance of their artistic contribution will only increase over time.

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