Pair of 17th C. Spanish Column Floor Lamps - For Sale

Pair of 17th C. Spanish Column Floor Lamps
Price: $28500.00
Late 17th Century Spanish Column made into a Lamp with custom marble base and handpainted parchment shade. Two available; extra discount given with purchase of pair. The monumental 17th Century Spanish columns were brown and green when purchased; our restorer lined the column with silver gilding with a faint red patina. Our specialty stone contractor drilled a small hole through the center for wiring purposes and cut matching custom marble bases. The custom parchment shade is handpainted dark red; gold designs line the base and top of exterior / block gold on interior. Floor switch attached to the newly wired silk cord to turn light on and off with the tap of a foot. Approximately 9'3" High. These antique Spanish column lamps are two of Perry's and Dana's favorite pieces. The significance of the column: in architecture, a vertical element, usually a rounded shaft with a capital and base, which in most cases serves as a support. A column may also be nonstructural, used for a decorative purpose or as a freestanding monument. In the field of architectural design a column is used for decoration as well as support. Classical Greek and Roman architecture made use of five major styles of column (see order), carved from single blocks or created from stacks of massive stone blocks. In ancient Egypt and the Near East, columns, usually large and circular, were used with great effect to decorate and support massive structures, especially in the absence of arches. In Far Eastern architecture, columns tend to be simple in shape but richly decorated. Craftsmen of the Gothic and Romanesque era used the bases and capitals of supporting stone columns as spaces for intricate carving. Baroque designs often featured sinuously carved columns of marble. Modern columns tend to be made of iron, steel, or concrete and are simply designed. Columns may be rectangular, circular, or polygonal in shape; they may taper toward the top, or be of uniform diameter. An engaged, attached, or embedded column is one that is built into a wall and protrudes only partially from it; this type of column came to serve a decorative rather than structural purpose in the Roman pilaster. A cluster or compound column is a group of columns connected with each other to form a single unit. A rostral column is a pillar decorated with the prow of a ship, or rostrum, to serve as a naval monument. These are two of our most unique pieces.

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