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Superb quality painting by Dave Finkbeiner done in 1983. Dave was famous for painting wildlife in the 80s and 90s. About 24'' by 20''. David Finkbeiner's touch, whether with paint or pastel is soft, sensuous, even amorous. His is a gentle passion that fuels a gentle search -- his hand does not demand answers to the mysteries of form, it instead delineates and lays open the essentials of paradox. Within his work is a perception that mysteries are closer to truth while intact than when exposed. Central to many of Mr. Finkbeiner's compostitions is an enigma, an interior form that hovers and asserts its existence as an opening in one instance and an object the next. It is first transparent and revealing, then opaque and fixed. Whether rectangle or arch, whether window or monolith, this form metamorphses from emptiness to solidity and back again, strangely oscillating between total silliness and fluid movement. In past work, David Finkbeiner drew and painted animals -- dogs, sheep, cows -- that were involved in everyday activities like eating, gathering together or resting. These domestic creatures appear in his pictures carefully observed and strongly felt -- his imagery projects not only their outer movements but also an uncanny sense of their inner motivations. The animals have now disappeared, as a visual language less literal, more abstract and metaphorical develops. Yet a certain dynamic, inspirited quality remains, as if the animals left traces of themselves in the movements of color and line within the new work. This is evident not only in the artist's delicate sensitivity to media and surface, but also in his durable sense of form. It is as if he delineates the edge between known and unknown, and then fills in the interior contours. Often in Mr. Finkbeiner's work elements of landscape are visible, yet the locale seems more a state of mind than any particular place. The imagery depicts an elusive, fragmented realm like a place caught sight of in a dream -- more precious and appreciated for its transitory nature than for any illusions about stability or permanence. In this shimmering world, visions are truth and mysteries are their own reward. David Finkbeiner's work is a manifestation of that reward. Status: For Sale Reference#: 340996 Condition: See Description Year: See Description

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