Limonade CŽvenole 1920s - For Sale

Limonade CŽvenole 1920s
Price: $950.00
Bouat, Louis 45 x 61

We just picked this piece up in France, in a town with a wonderful shoreline and a variety of bars where you can just imagine a woman such as the one pictured - with a twinkle in her eye (and I just can't decide if it's a twinkle that says I'm looking for trouble' or a twinkle that says 'gee, this is the best lemonade I have ever tasted' - maybe a combination of both??)... unsurprisingly, as I love every one of the posters I sell, I love this one too: very Art Deco, very clean lines, and very elegant in it's message: this is good stuff, it comes from Aveze, it tastes great and you should buy it. Pretty simple, no? Great condition, linen lined, large (approx. 45 x 61 inches) we think this piece would look great ANYWHERE!

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