1922 Mini Poster -Penfield/Harper''s November - For Sale

1922 Mini Poster -Penfield/Harper''s November
Price: $45.00
This is an original 1922 tipped in mini poster, designed by the prodigiously talented Edward Penfield: ''Some of ht e larger publishing houses (notably Harper''s) were the first to exploit real posters in America, .. with the genius of Edward Penfield as the moving spirit, posters took on a new life and began to hold new meaning for the public mind. People watched for these quaint and dashing conceits, for Mr. Penfield has always combined a certain Parisian chic with a London poise of aristocracy and refinement, and blended the two by some curious psychological sleight of hand into an expression of the best that is in America.''. The tipped in mini poster image is about 4.5'' x 6.5'' and is attached to a creamy medium weight sheet that is about 7.75'' x 10.25'' which includes the title of the piece as well as the designer and date of original publication.( Please note that some of the cream sheets BUT NONE OF THE PRINTS display foxing and or small water damage. This will not affect the mini poster when it is framed.) This exceptional ''mini poster'' was removed from a 1922 retrospective collection of late 19th century and very early 20th century art advertising posters. The author of the publication described posters in this way:''Although the posters stands where all who run may read, and although we spontaneously admire, or thoughtlessly condemn it, few ever stop to formulate a reason for doing one or the other, or to establish a critical working standpoint in the matter... The poster design must have a clear simplicity of motive and a vigorous, sometimes bizarre conception in design and treatment. It is to be supposed that until a few years ago the artist or designer considered himself above is task when he was working on these ''advertisements'' and failed to produce a successful poster because he failed to realize that he was engaged either in a difficult problem, or in one worthy of his best efforts. It was left to the French to show the world how much of beauty and of inspiration could enter into the poster, and it was many years before the designing world at large learned its lesson (if, indeed it may yet be said to have learned) from the daring, sparkling sheets of flaming color that have decorated the streets of Paris.'' Please note that this ''mini poster'' is a small version of the original, larger poster. While the bulk of our poster collection consists of full size posters, we consider these smaller, more affordable gems to be worthy of collection as well. The color plates are striking and vibrant, and even the monotone plates are special - offering a clear view of what was considered to be in 1922 - and still! - some of the best poster design ever. These are not modern reprints- they were printed in 1922 and have withstood both the test and the passage of time. Please note that all of our pochoirs, prints and posters are vintage, non-reproduction, original pieces. Status: For Sale Reference#: 1080443 Condition: A Year: 1897 Country: France Height: 6.5 in. (16.51 cm) Width: 4.5 in. (11.43 cm) Title: 1922 Mini Poster -Penfield/Harper''s November Style: Art Nouveau/Liberty Materials: paper

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