Le Nil 1912 - For Sale

Le Nil 1912
Price: $1950.00
Cappiello, Leonetto
60,5 x 44

Only Cappiello could use a larger than life elephant as the mascot for a rolling paper company - Le Nil has achieved brand awareness that has long outlived the brand itself, all thanks to Cappiello's brilliant use of marketing, coloring and the sheer size of this baby - measuring a whopping 60.5 x 44.5 inches,it is almost as huge as an elephant itself. ÊCappiello is considered to be one of the greatest posterists of his age. Cappiello's approach was always image association - the idea that you don't really remember the image of the product itself, but the image of something is associated with the product ... Cappiello was the first who thoroughly understood this, and he applied it with considerable diligence in about a thousand posters.'(Rennert)

Art (paintings, prints, frames)
Vintage Posters
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