Amazing Antique Rood Screen with Original Faux-Grained Finish, 19th Century -- NRS1 - For Sale

Amazing Antique Rood Screen with Original Faux-Grained Finish, 19th Century -- NRS1
Price: $1500.00
This is a large antique chancel screen, dating from the late 1800’s, in its original faux-grained finish. From a church in Edina, Missouri, this rood screen features a large, arched center opening, with a pair of Gothic arch windows on each side. Above the center opening, the chancel screen is crowned with an arched piece adorned with a rosette, flanked by decorative turned pieces. A zigzag pattern runs beneath the rosette, meeting a fluted bracket on each side. The arch of the center opening is formed by a pair of carved wooden pieces, featuring a pair of carved florets followed by volutes and a geometric pattern. The zigzag pattern borders the top of the screen above the four arched windows and is followed by decorative wooden panels that accent the Gothic arches. Below each pair of windows is a panel in which the wood runs diagonally, directing the viewer’s eye upward toward the center of the piece. The bottom corners of the center window are accented with rosettes, which are repeated at the outer edges of the screen. Brackets, also adorned with rosettes, run down each outer edge to the floor. This rood screen is in good antique condition, with a number of dings, scratches, and chips. It is missing a small section of wood (pictured) that could be easily replaced. It would make an excellent back bar or a façade for a bookcase. The chancel screen measures approx. 131 ½” wide, 80” tall at the sides, and 106 ½” tall to the highest point.

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