A Rare Chelsea Porcelain Figure of the Noble Cannon of San Marco , Circa 1755. - Earle D. Vandekar - For Sale

A Rare Chelsea Porcelain Figure of the Noble Cannon of San Marco , Circa 1755. - Earle D. Vandekar
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A Rare Chelsea Porcelain of the Noble Canon of San Marco, Likely Modelled by Joseph Willems, Circa 1756. The figure posed in what seems to be mid-speech, wearing a black four-corner hat and with an ermine fur draped over his arm. Reference: The source for this model was identified by Anthony du Boulay (Country Life, Religious Rococo Revived, June 1986, pl.3), as an early 18th century engraving by Philippo Bonanni entitled ''Canonia Regulari de San Marco'' in his ''Historie de L''Institution des Ordres Religiosorun in Ecclesia Miltianti Catalogus'', (Rome, 1706 and 1710). A companion figure of a Canoness or Abbess derives from another engraving by the same artist. Given there was no Meissen source for the models, they are likely to have been modelled by Joseph Willems. Another example of this model is at Wallington Hall, Northumberland, (UK National Trust) see Chelsea Porcelain, E. Adams (2001), fig. 9.24, p. 136 and Bradshaw, ''Comedy of Errors'', Antique Dealer and Collectors Guide (May 1996), fig. 6, p. 21 Reference: The figure was, in the past, identified as The Italian Comedy Figure, The Lawyer. ; MacKenna, F. Severne. Chelsea Porcelain: The Red Anchor Wares. F. Lewis, Publishers, Limited. The Tithe House, Leigh-on-Sea, England. 1951. Plate 67, no. 134 for a similar example. In describing the characters of the Italian Comedy: "Quickwitted and sparkling improvisation were the essential characteristics of the Italian Comedy, the main figure of which was Harlequin, a character of great licence and sardonic wit. Supporting him were, inter alia, Pantaloon, an elderly buffoon; Mezzetino and Scaramouche, intriguing, double-crossing servants and accomplices; Columbine, alternately wooed and scorned; the Doctor, a long-winded nonentity; the Lawyer, equally ineffectual; the Captain; and a milling horde of lesser characters to add spice and interest to the proceedings... Mezzetino, the Captain, the Lawyer, for instance, all appear in attractive guise, standing or sitting in attitudes of varying degrees of animation..." (pp. 33-34)

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