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3 antique Russian porcelain demitasse coffee cans / cups and saucers with handpainted Russian peasant scenes. Made in the Safronov factoroy, near Moscow circa 1830. Saucers are approx 5 inches in diameter and 1 1/8 inches high. Cups are a little over 2 1/2 inches in diameter (excluding handle) and2 1/2 inches high. Saucers are deep enough to be used as bowls - possibly because 180 years ago people did use saucers as bowls. They are simply white porcelain with gold rims and a gold flower in the center. The cups are simple cylinders in shape. 2 have scrolling handles and one has an ear-shaped handle. Bottom and top rims + handles are gilded. Tops also gilded inside the cups. The outside of each cup is hand painted with a wonderful vignette of Russian peasants in a surrounding forest. Each scene is full of amazing action: in one a couple of youths are wrestling each other; in one a woman trudges along a path, one child hanging onto her arm, already weighed down by a basket full of produce, on her back, an enormous basket with a very big toddler sitting and lording it over the world. The 3rd cup depicts a woman in a marvellous costume being grabbed by a man in brown jacket and breeches with a big grey hat. Both wear wonderfully painted stockings, falling down over their shoes. The woman might be slapping the man for his uninvited advances. The book Russian Porcelains by Marvin Cross (page 257) claims that the Safronov factory produced pieces of the best quality - clearly these are good examples. THe porcelain itself is fine and white, with smoothe texture. The painting is outstanding. Each scene would be marvellous as a picture on the wall and all the more charming for the way they are executed. One gets a definate feel for Russian History with these scenes of ''the simple life''. The pieces are marked underneath with the blue underglaze Russian S (looks like a C with thickened edges). Inscribed squiggles / illegible writing can also be made out on most pieces. Condition is very good. Besides a small amount of wear to the gilding, there are no chips/cracks/damage/restoration of any sort. THere is a tiny scratch on the paint on the man in brown who is bothering the woman - see ''photos for magnified pictures. The Safronov factory opened in 1830 and closed early 1840''s. Status: For Sale Reference#: 3780 Condition: good Year: 1830 Title: ANTIQUE RUSSIAN 3 PORCELAIN CUP SAUCER HP SAFRONOV 1830

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