Bristol Glass, Tall Vase Bluebells, Rose, Daisies, Nice - For Sale

Bristol Glass, Tall Vase Bluebells, Rose, Daisies, Nice
Price: $135.00
For sale I have a lovely piece of glass made in England that was made in the latter part of the Nineteenth or Early Twentieth Century. It is known as "Bristol Glass" and the shape is a Vase. The Vase measures 10" tall and is 3 3/8" in diameter at the rim and 3 1/2"in diameter at the base.

The Vase depicts a Lovely Arrangement of Various Flowers hand painted on the front of it. It has a stem full of Bluebells and a Cream Colored Rose in the foreground. There are a couple of Daisies and Babies Breath finished off with various Leaf Clusters and Reed Style Leaves or Grass. The color tones the Artist used are soft and pleasing. This type of glass was very popular during the Victorian Era. This is all set on a satin white background glass. There is a crimped edge at the top rim that is accented with Gold Enamel at the indentations.

The Vase is considered to be in excellent condition as there are no cracks, chips, nicks or dings. These type vases were extremely popular as they were imported from England and Sold for affordable amounts. Usually when they are found there is damage. These Vases are extremely light in weight and are very Fragile. The Vase is unsigned but you can see the rough Pontil Scar on the bottom. This is typical of Bristol Vases. They didn't take the time to polish and counter sink them. This took too much time and was to costly.

This piece was made Circa 1860-1910.

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