Durand Art Glass Vase, Gold Iridescence, Cabinet Vase~~ - For Sale

Durand Art Glass Vase, Gold Iridescence, Cabinet Vase~~
Price: $375.00
For Auction I have a lovely Vase made by The Durand Glass Company of Vineland, NJ. The Vase is a very pleasing size as it is known as a Cabinet Vase and it is done in their "Gold Lustre" style of Art Glass. The Shape would be considered a Tapered Shoulder Vase. The Vase stands 4 5/8" tall and is 2 1/2" in diameter at the shoulder. The Vase displays a wonderful Matte Gold Aurene, Favrile Iridescence. The Color is just outstanding. You can see matte Purples, Blues and some Fuchsia Color Tones. The Base Glass appears to be a clear glass. The Iridescence on this Vase emits an Amber Glow when looking inside. The Vase is considered to be in excellent condition as there are no cracks or chips to the piece. The Top Rim is polished and smooth. The Vase Does Not have a polished countersunk Pontil. The top being flat and polished means that this piece was blown from the top and cut there, then polished smooth. The bottom side of the vase is extremely nice and shows minimal signs of wear. There is Strong Fuchsia in the middle with strong blue highlights around the bottom rim. There are teeny, tiny flea spots along the rim. This is Factory and not Damage as these are common with pieces cut from the top. The piece is unsigned but it appears to be shape number 1722 in Durand's Catalog pages. Durand Art Glass starting blowing the Iridescent Fancy Wares in 1924. This was when The Quezal Art Glass Company of Brooklyn, New York went out of business. Durand bought all the existing Inventory and acquired many of the Molds that Quezal used. Martin Bach Jr and a few of the employees of Quezal migrated to Durand and set up shop. Durand was making this Art Nouveau Glass for only a short time as Victor Durand died in 1931 from complications from an Automobile Accident. When he died, so did the Fancy Shop. Durand Art Glass in the iridescent Gold's and Blues is somewhat Rarer than his Contemporaries of the day like L.C.T. Tiffany Favrile, Steuben Aurene, and Quezal. They were in business for much more than 7 years. This is a Quality piece of Art Glass that you don't commonly see. So purchase with Confidence as I'm sure this will enhance one's Art Glass Collection. This is a Rare Cabinet Size from Durand. You collectors of Durand do not let this one pass you by. This piece was made circa 1924-1931.

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