Stevens & Williams, Opaline + Jade Cordial Glass, Nice - For Sale

Stevens & Williams, Opaline + Jade Cordial Glass, Nice
Price: $195.00
For sale I have a Lovely Cordial made by The Stevens and Williams Glass Company of Stourbridge, West Midlands England. The piece stands 6 1/4" tall. The foot has a diameter of 2 3/4" and the opening at the top has a diameter of 3 1/8" outside measurement.

The Cordial displays a very beautiful Translucent Light Jade Green Cup that rises up from a Round Opaline Foot. The Cup sits on a nicely applied Opaline Stem. The Glass Blowing is so perfect it appears that the Cup and the Stem were blown from 1 piece of glass. This is not the case as this is a 3 part Cordial. There is the round Foot, the applied stem with the Cup being fused to the Stem to look like 1 piece.

The piece is considered to be in excellent condition as there are no cracks, nicks, chips or dings. The Piece is unsigned as is the case with most of these. They more than likely had a Paper Label that simply fell off over time. There are a few white inclusions from the mixtures of Opaline and Jade along with an air bubble in the Cup portion. This does not affect the Value what so ever.

These pieces are commonly confused with Steuben as this Glass looks similar. Steuben never made this shape and the S&W Jades are more of a pastel where as Steuben's very much more Vibrant. Steuben did make a similar one but the Jade on Steuben is much denser and not so translucent. Frederick Carder worked for Stevens & Williams from 1881-1902. It is very possible that he created this formula for them during his employment with them. It is known that this Glass was Not produced during his tenure.

This is a quality piece of Art Glass and I'm sure the lucky winner will not be disappointed with their purchase. This piece was made Circa 1915-1928. I firmly believe it was produced to compete with Steuben's Jades and Rosalines at the time.

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