Boch Freres Art Deco Keramis Vase Biches Bleues Charles Catteau - For Sale

Boch Freres Art Deco Keramis Vase Biches Bleues Charles Catteau
Price: $1795.00
For Auction I have a lovely Art Pottery Vase made by Boch Freres/Charles Catteau of Belgium. The Vase is the most famous of the Charles Catteau Designs and is known as the "BICHES BLEUES" Vase. This is one the larger Biches Bleues Vase I have ever owned. I would considered this a "Globe" Shape. The Vase stands and Impressive 9 1/4" tall and is 9 1/4" in diameter at its widest point.

The Vase displays 4 Gazelles feeding on the grass and trees above. Some people refer to these as Deer but they look more like Gazelles to me. I don't believe Deer would have spots like Fawns and Antlers. The deep Iris Purple/Blue accented with Turquoise Blue Body against the creamy beige background is very pleasing. The other Boch Freres Vases in this Pattern I have had before had one 3 of these Gazelles. I believe because of its large diameter that had to add an extra Gazelle for proportions. There is more work in this piece than the others.

The vase is considered to be in excellent condition as It has no cracks, nicks, chips or dings. The background shows crazing but all of the Biches Bleues pieces do as that was the intent of Charles Catteau. The Vase is signed with the Round with Rectangle Inside Ink Stamp "Keramis made in Belgium" signature mark. The Vase also carries the Artist signature mark of "Ch. Catteau" for Charles Catteau (1880-1966) and D-943 for the Design, "Biches Bleues". There is also the Mold Number 894 impressed. This can be clearly seen on the bottom. There is also the Letter A with a check mark symbol or the Letter J above the Ink Stamp Signature mark. The was more than likely the finishers initial or mark.

These Vases are rather hard to find and highly desirable. I have had about 30 pieces in my 35 years as a collector in vases and chargers. I have never had a Vase this large in diameter. I would consider this somewhat a Rare find in this Size. I'm sure those of you who collect this pattern and are missing this size will be delighted with their purchase.

Those of you collecting and decorating in Art Deco will love the way this Vase displays. This Vase was made, Circa 1925.

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