Brush McCoy Pottery, Brown Onyx Lamp Double Handled - For Sale

Brush McCoy Pottery, Brown Onyx Lamp Double Handled
Price: $195.00
For sale I have a Beautiful piece of pottery made by Brush McCoy of Roseville, Ohio. The shape is a Lamp and the Glaze is known as Onyx. The Lamp stands 14 1/2" tall to where the lampshade will rest on the harp and is 8" wide outside handle measurement. The pottery portion of this lovely lamp base is 6 5/8" tall.

The Lamp displays a wonderful all over carmelized high gloss glaze that is very eye catching. There are light caramel hues that blend with chocolate syrup colors. There are streaks of white giving it that marble effect along with some Slate to Country Blue accents. There are applied scrolled handles to finish the look of this nice pottery table lamp. The cord set and socket are original to the lamp and the lamp does work.

The Lamp Base is considered to be in Excellent Condition as there are no cracks, chips, nicks or dings. There is a rough spot on the bottom where the lamp was pulled away from the mold but does not show when it is displayed and this was done at the time of manufacturing. The lamp should have a lamp shade between 6 1/2 to 7 inches in height as to not show the light bulb. You should always bring your lamp base with you when trying to find the proper fitting shade as there are many different styles of lamps to compliment your base. I'm sure the Lucky Winner will not be disappointed with their newest decorative choice as Lighting is an important choice for every room of the home.

The Lamp Base was made Circa 1930-1940.

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