Burley Winter Pottery, Double Handled Vase, Honey Green - For Sale

Burley Winter Pottery, Double Handled Vase, Honey Green
Price: $175.00
For Sale I have a nice piece of pottery made by The Burley and Winter Pottery Company of Crooksville, Ohio. The shape is a Double Handled Vase. The piece measures 6 3/8" tall and is 6 3/4" in diameter outside handle measurements. The opening or mouth of the Vase is 4 9/16" in diameter on the outside rim. The Vase displays a very nice mottled Glaze. It is done in a Honey Caramel Brown Background blended with a Verde Green Mottle. Burley Winter Pottery is rarely decorated because the beauty of their work is in their very Pleasing Shapes and Artistic Glazes. This particular Glaze reminds me of Copper that has oxidized gracefully over time and is one of my favorites from their line. There are two handles that attach to the rim and belly of this lovely pot. The Vase is considered to be in Excellent Condition as there are no cracks, chips, nicks or dings. There are a couple of small glaze misses/pin pops that happened in manufacturing and is very common with Burley Winter Pottery. There is also a small chip on the base that happened during manufacturing as that area is properly sanded and glazed over and unnoticable unless looking for it. The piece is unsigned except for the impressed"54" which is the shape number. The original Burley Winter Pottery Company was in business from 1872-1932. It has somewhat of a complex history as there were quite a few potters named Burley in the Ohio Valley area and also several companies with Burley in their names. There were potters dating back as early as 1825 in the Crooksville, Ohio area with the Burley name and even as late as 1988 was under management of the grandsons of W. N. Burley. These are the ancestors to the Original Potter "Burley and Winters". They are making Pottery in the same exact Building today using some of the same molds that were found. They are using different glazes to establish the difference. They are also signed New Burley Winter. This Vase would look outstanding in any Mission, Arts and Crafts, Country or Shaker setting. This Vase was made Circa 1900-1920.

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