Polia Pillin Mid Century Modern Horses Cylindrical Vase~~ - For Sale

Polia Pillin Mid Century Modern Horses Cylindrical Vase~~
Price: $595.00
For Sale I have a Lovely Art Pottery Vase made by Polia Pillin of Los Angeles, California. This style produced by her is what your Mid Century Modern Art Pottery Collectors are looking for. The Vase is a very nice cabinet size. It measures 4 3/8" tall and is 3 3/4" in diameter. The Vase has a wonderful complex hi gloss background glaze. It displays horizontal rings of several different colors that somewhat resemble a Desert Sunset or Sand Art. You can see Rose, Smokey Blue, Hazy Gray and Deep Burgundy or Brown. These are like Horizontal Banded Rings of Color. On the Front side she Painted Two Horses Prancing or Facing each other. The back side shows another Horse Prancing along the side of one of the 2 Horses on the Front.The Colors are just spectacular. The Horses have Turquoise, Mustard Yellow, Salmon and other Accents. You can clearly see the Influence of Picasso with her Style of Painting. The Vase is considered to be in excellent condition as there are no cracks, nicks, chips or dings. There is the usual crazing that is typical of most of her work. I believe her formula's intentional caused the crazing and it adds character to the piece. The Vase is Signed on the Bottom with "Pillin" written in Stylized letters in a Black Glaze. Polia Pillin first learned how to throw Pottery at Hull House in Chicago in the early 1940's. Her and her Husband moved to Los Angeles in 1948 and established a Pottery Studio in their Garage. Polia Pillin perfected the technique of painting on wet clay with colored clays. After decorating each pot, the pottery was fired then covered with transparent glaze and re-fired. The end result was abstract art on a piece of pottery with a luminous, glass like finish that is unmistakably recognizable. She was born in 1909 and died in 1992. Her Pottery has become some of the most highly desirable and collected today. This is just another one of her Works of Art in Clay. I'm sure the buyer will not be disappointed. This piece was made circa, 1960-1980.

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