Dugan, Single Flower Framed, Peach Opal Ruffled Bowl - For Sale

Dugan, Single Flower Framed, Peach Opal Ruffled Bowl
Price: $55.00
For Sale I have a nice carnival glass Ruffled Bowl made by The Dugan Glass Company of Indiana, PA. The Pattern is "Single Flower Framed" and it is done in the ever popular Peach Opalescent.

The Bowl stands 2 5/8" tall and is 7 1/8" wide. The pattern depicts Three 5 petal single flowers on a stem, framed with double wavy lines on the outside exterior. The inside of the bowl depicts ribs running vertically falling just short of the curled edge. The iridescence is brilliant and wonderful as you can see vivid hues of Blue, Teal, Fuchsia on a strong Gold background.

The piece is considered to be in excellent condition as there are no nicks, chips or dings. The only issue is some minor iridescence loss on the inside flat bottom. This is common with all Peach Opalescent Iridized Pieces.

Antique Glass
Antique Carnival Glass
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