Imperial Carnival Glass, Grape Decanter with Stopper - For Sale

Imperial Carnival Glass, Grape Decanter with Stopper
Price: $195.00
For sale I have a piece of Carnival Glass made by The Imperial Glass Company of Bellaire, Ohio. The item is a Bottle or Decanter with its Stopper and the pattern in known as"Imperial Grape". The Decanter measures approximately 11 1/2" tall to the top of the stopper and is 5 1/2" in diameter.

The Decanter displays Plump Grape Clusters in Heavy Relief set on a background of Grape Leaves with veining and the base color is Marigold. The Stopper has Vertical ribbing and a Beaded horizontal ring around the center of it to complete the look. The Decanter is part of a Water or Wine Set and the pattern resembles Northwood's Grape and Cable. Those of you with the tumblers from Northwood could easily use this Decanter to complete their set of these Delightful beauties. There is a wonderful iridescence to both pieces and you can see hues of blues, fuschias, green and yellow.

The Bottle is considered to be in Excellent Condition as there are no chips, cracks, nicks or dings. There are a few rough spots on the neck of the bottle where the horizontal bead ring is but it is factory air bubbles as I inspected it with a magnifying glass. The stopper appears that it might have some chips along the flange that sits down into the bottle. I found this with a cork like material applied to where the stopper inserts into the neck of the bottle. This was cleverly done by the previous owner and does not detract from this piece or functionability. It actually protects the Glass from any further damage. It appears that you can remove this but I will leave that up to the new owner.

This is a Very Nice Decanter with Great Iridescence. Normally you find these without the Stopper and they work great as a Flower Vase. It is always a Treat to find these with their stoppers. The Decanter was made Circa 1915-1920 and guaranteed to be vintage.

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