Northwood Carnival Glass Hatpin Holder, Grape + Cable~~ - For Sale

Northwood Carnival Glass Hatpin Holder, Grape + Cable~~
Price: $395.00
For Sale I have a very nice piece of Carnival Glass made by The Northwood Glass Company of Wheeling, West Virginia. The Shape or item is known as a "Hatpin Holder" and it is done in the very popular "Grape and Cable" design. The Hatpin Holder stands 6 5/8" tall and is 2 3/4" in diameter at the feet. The top of the Hatpin Holder is 2 1/2". The Hatpin Holder is made from a very beautiful Amethyst or Purple base glass. The Iridescence is just outstanding! You can see deep rich Purple/Blue iridescence along with Fuchsia and Gold. The Hatpin Holder displays and a very lovely Pattern of Raised Grapes and Leaves that hang from Vine that surrounds the piece. The Bunches of Grapes are large and plentiful. There are Leaves that separate these Vertical Clusters giving this piece some balance. The Veining in the Leaves is just outstanding. You can also see the fine Stippling in the Leaves and this adds more Value to the piece. Just above these Vertical Leaves is a Band that surrounds the lower neck. These are grooves in the Band to simulate a Cable, thus the name "Grape and Cable. The Vase is supported by 3 nicely applied Ribbed Spatula Feet. The Hatpin Holder is considered to be in excellent condition as there are no cracks, nicks, chips or dings. There is one spot on one of the feet that is pictured that has a flaw. This was caused when the Hatpin Holder was removed from the mold. This is not damage and considered Factory. This is a very nice Hatpin Holder with Strong Detail and Iridescence. These were once Plentiful during the Victorian Era but a 100 years later they are seldom seen in this condition. The piece is unsigned but Northwood is the only Company that made the Grape and Cable Hatpin Holders during this era. These were originally part of a Dresser Set for Ladies. I'm sure the lucky winner will be very pleased with their purchase. This piece was made Circa 1910-1920.

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