Hampshire Pottery, Fabulous Matt Green Vase, Corn Maize - For Sale

Hampshire Pottery, Fabulous Matt Green Vase, Corn Maize
Price: $675.00
For Auction I have an outstanding Matte Green Vase made by The Hampshire Pottery Company of Keene, NH. The Vase is known as the "Corn Maize" Vase and the Glaze doesn't get any better than this. The Vase is rather large as it stands 5 5/8" Tall and is 6" in diameter. This Vase has one of the Nicest Matt Cucumber Green Hampshire Glazes I have ever seen. The Vase displays Two embossed Ears of Corn Nestled between the Corn Husk Leaves. There is one on each side of the Vessel. The Detail is crisp and the Glaze is thick and nicely mottled. The detail in the Ear of Corn and the Leaves is just outstanding!! You can see the Veining in the leaves and the nice and even vertical rows of corn on the ear. Usually the Glaze on these is so thick you loose the detail. That is not the case with this one. Hampshire Pottery started producing Matte Glazes in 1891. This was 7 years earlier than their main Competitor Grueby Faience of Boston, Mass. Hampshire Pottery resembles the style of Grueby but were much more affordable as they were mold made pieces as opposed to hand thrown. The Vase is considered to be in excellent as there are no cracks, nicks, chips or dings. The only issues do not affect value. There is some silver marks that I was able to remove some with a Pottery Cleaner and there are Come Pin Pops in the Glaze at the very exterior bottom of the vase. These can only be seen when the vase is turned to its side. The Vase is signed on the bottom with one of Hampshire Pottery earliest Matt Green Marks. It is Signed "JS Taft & Co" "KEENE N". The J is very hard to see and you cannot see the letter H for Hampshire. The JS stood for the founder James Scollay. This piece can be dated based on the "M" in a Circle mark knowledge. This was the mark that Cadmon Robertson used during his tenure with Hampshire Pottery from 1904-1914. The mark on this Vase pre-dates Cadmon Robertson's Tenure. I would say that this was an early piece even earlier than Grueby's Mat Green Production. This Vase was made circa 1891-1896. Those collectors in Matte Green Art Pottery especially those who Collect Hampshire and want a Great example should not let this one pass by. It will look outstanding on that Stickley, Mission Arts and Crafts Style Bookcase.

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