Roseville Pottery, Carnelian II Drip Glaze Handled Bowl - For Sale

Roseville Pottery, Carnelian II Drip Glaze Handled Bowl
Price: $350.00
For Sale I have a piece of one of my most favorite lines made by The Roseville Pottery Company of Zanesville, Ohio. The Pattern is Carnelian II and it is considered a Handled Bowl Shape. The Glaze is the most desirable Bubble Gum Cotton Candy Drip Glaze. The bowl stands 3" tall and is 10 1/2" outside handles measurement. The Blending of the Glaze on this piece is simply outstanding. The Blue Green Drip Over the frothy Matte Deep Mauve background glaze is just delicious!! The inside of the bowl is just as vibrant as the outside. The Glaze around the bowl is Thick and Gloppy. This is just the way we Carnelian II Collectors love this glaze to be. I have 2 Reference Books on Roseville Pottery and neither books shows this mold number. The closest I can come is mold number 161-7 which shows this to be a 7 1/2" bowl in this exact same shape. My guess would be it is number 161-10" as it is a size larger and it is the same exact shape as the cataloged smaller bowl. The bowl is considered to be in excellent condition as there are no cracks, chips, nicks, or dings. The piece is unsigned and probably had a paper sticker that fell off over time. These Carnelian II pieces seem to have a denser or harder clay than other Roseville Pots. The Bottom of this Bowl reminded me of Fulper Art Pottery bottoms. This is an exceptional Carnelian II Handled Bowl and you Collectors out there will surely welcome this one into your collection. This piece was made Circa 1915-1931. I would consider this somewhat of a "Rare" find as to not find documentation in 2 of the Most Respected Books in the Trade. Roseville in All Its Splendor by Bomm and Introducing Roseville Pottery by Mark Bassett is something to speak about.

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